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There is no such thing as a miniature pig - There is however a manageable size pig


There is no such thing as a miniature pig, or a pig that grows to the size of a Jack Russell or Beagle! Not in Australia or anywhere else in the world. I have never seen any and believe me if they existed, I would be the first in line to buy one. I am on 3 Pig Lists with world wide members and no one has a fully grown adult pet pig that is 30 kilos.

Think about this, a fully-grown male wombat grows around 40-45 kilos they are heavy, stocky, robust animals just like pigs, so how could a pig when fully grown weigh 30 or 40 kilos? Bullmastiffs and Rottweilers aren’t bred down to 30 kilos, because it isn’t possible to have such a large animal bred down that small.

Some breeders are genuine and honest and will tell you that their piglets will grow to a reasonable and manageable size of about 70 to 90 kilos or more but not less.

Other breeders are just really good “Sales” people, telling you what you want to hear. Some breeders also keep their breeding pigs confined in pens and are fed once or twice a day with out exercise and tend to look thin or underweight, but if given the opportunity to graze on grass and eat like a “free range” pig they would look a whole lot different.

Miniature Pig Breeders  



I would like to share some important information with you. In the last 8 years searching for a “real” miniature pig, my quest took me to South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, looking for something that just didn’t exist. Disappointing?? Absolutely!! I visited several breeders, taking photos, viewing pigs, asking questions, listening to their information, knowledge and perhaps their intentional or unintentional lies about size?? Petite, pee wee, pigmy, mini, dwarf, midget, shrimp, tiny, or what ever these breeders want to call them? These breeders “swear” that these extraordinary small pigs exist, but where are they? Why is it that many people, including myself have been tricked into buying these 30 kilos pigs to find out they are still growing. I’m not out to sabotage businesses or give breeders a bad reputation. I just think people selling pigs should be honest to potential pig buyers and new pig owners.

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